Sunday, July 31, 2011

"wishing papers"—kind of

Based on "Wishing Papers," a pattern by Diana Vandervoort. All of the temari I've done so far divided the sphere into 8 sections; this pattern divides it into 6. Her version has 4 bands in each "row," but since my temari is smaller (about 3.25 inches diameter), I just wrapped 3 bands for each. I selected my own color palette (gradations of brown, blue, and green), and used ecru cotton perle for the dividing lines & edging (rather than metallic gold), which makes the dividing lines "invisible," so to speak, over the ecru thread-wrapped surface. Completed 30 July 2011 (no. 007).

top view

side view

Saturday, July 30, 2011

anatomy of a temari: part one

bell box with note and brass rings, before being sealed shut

The Bell Box

At the core of my temari is a "bell box"—a very small box crafted from heavy-weight watercolor paper—containing special items. Routinely I include a small note and brass rings in the bell box. A nod to my work in chain maille, the brass jumprings in the bell box create a subtle, pleasing rattle when the finished temari is gently shaken. Bell box rattles are traditional.

I also include a handwritten note with a meaningful thought or quotation, poem or haiku, or lyric. Every temari I have made, starting with the very first, has a handwritten note inside. Temari are often given as gifts, signs of deep friendship and loyalty; adding a note with a personal message or particular quotation — even small significant items like shells, beach glass, or pebbles — makes the gift all the more special.

As temari can be used as objects of focus for meditation, contemplation, or deep reflection, the note might be a quote, poem, or phrase on which one can meditate.

The photo above shows an overhead view of an unsealed bell box with the note and seven rings.

Friday, July 29, 2011

black orchid

Here are temari nos. 4, 5, and 6, based on the "morning glory" pattern (Suess). I changed the designs somewhat, used a black thread wrap, and for the embroidery used metallic gold, black, dark steel gray, medium antique violet, light shell pink, and light lavender (these are the names given to the colors by the manufacturer). The light lavender looks white in some of the photos. The main temari is 3 inches in diameter, and the companion temari are 2.5 inches. Completed 28 July 2011 (nos. 004, 005, 006).

Black Orchid, top view

Black Orchid, side view

companion temari no. 1

companion temari no. 2, side view

companion temari no. 2, top view
Black Orchid set

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the first three temari: "morning glory"

Following the pattern by Barbara Suess, here are the results of my first attempt at making temari. The main temari is called "Morning Glory," and is about 3 inches in diameter; the other two are slightly smaller "companion temari," with complementary patterns in the same colors. Like a proud mother, I'm posting lots of photos. Completed 26 July 2011 (nos. 001, 002, 003).

Morning Glory, top view

Morning Glory

Morning Glory, side view

companion temari no. 1

companion termari no. 2

the two companion temari

the set of three