Sunday, July 31, 2011

"wishing papers"—kind of

Based on "Wishing Papers," a pattern by Diana Vandervoort. All of the temari I've done so far divided the sphere into 8 sections; this pattern divides it into 6. Her version has 4 bands in each "row," but since my temari is smaller (about 3.25 inches diameter), I just wrapped 3 bands for each. I selected my own color palette (gradations of brown, blue, and green), and used ecru cotton perle for the dividing lines & edging (rather than metallic gold), which makes the dividing lines "invisible," so to speak, over the ecru thread-wrapped surface. Completed 30 July 2011 (no. 007).

top view

side view

1 comment:

  1. As I was looking for Temari patterns, I have just discovered this one. How beautiful! I hope that I will be able to create such jewels one day.
    An admirative Temari lover from France :-)