Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goten Mari National Competition

全国ごてんまりコンクール // The Goten Mari National Competition
These links (via the Temari Challenge Group) are from past national competitions in Japan. The 42nd National Competition will be held this year in Akita (October 29–31).

Photos of pretty spectacular temari from — I believe — the 40th National Competition in 2009 (I don't know Japanese — I rely on Google Translator).

• A video of more amazing temari as well as artisans at work (embedded below).

Here are two links via the Talk Temari group:

• A slideshow, including many of the same works as in the show, plus many more.

• An article from The Daily Yomiuri about temari and an artist named Toshiko Abe. 

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