Thursday, January 12, 2012

TAST 2012 - week 2 - buttonhole

Week 2
Buttonhole Stitch

If you're wondering what this is all about, you can read the TAST Week 1 post here. This week the challenge is the buttonhole stitch. I managed to both practice it on my "temari sampler" (above) and complete a finished temari using exclusively the buttonhole stitch (below).

Click here to view the complete post about & see more photos of the finished buttonhole temari, "What I Don't Understand."

Below are my first practice stitches, and some variations of stitches that are in the buttonhole family. I like this stitch; again the temari as a canvas presents unique challenges, particularly adjusting the tension of the stitches correctly so as not to pull the threads too much, and obviously I need lots of practice.

buttonhole stitch
more buttonhole
buttonhole wheel
buttonhole wheel fail - looks like a nautilus
attempt at feather stitch
rosette of thorns
up and down buttonhole


  1. Fantastic! These tamari samplers are such a unique idea, love it.

  2. Beautiful! I too really like your idea of making samplers on tamari (a craft I want to try but never seem to get around too -- want to try too many things, I fear). My fave's the nautilus.

  3. Yours is looking better than my meagre attempt, still I am hopeful to improve, and must remind myself that all this embroidery is new to me!