Thursday, May 17, 2012

happiness was born a twin (spindles)

124 (left) and 123 (right)

All who would win joy, must share it;
happiness was born a twin.
— Lord Byron (1788–1824)

Creeping up on my one-year anniversary of temari making, and I had yet to learn one of the most elementary stitches — the spindle. These temari both feature a pattern of three layered spindles at each pole (inspired by a design Barbara Suess's book). For the first, I started the first rows fairly close to the equator, placing the spindle groups on offset guidelines, so that the ends would eventually pass each other. I love how this looks, but as a result the spindles end up so long the final rows are more than half the circumference, and are a bit finicky. Fine for me to keep, where I can "groom" them into place when necessary, but it didn't feel sturdy enough to put up for sale.

I had originally intended to make this another pair for sale, but instead adjusted my measurements and refined my color scheme for the second one. Instead of starting 1/3rd up from the equator I started 1/2 way up, so the overall design is smaller and shorter. I wish the points overlapped, but it is more sturdy at least.

Thread wrap in dark navy, S12 division in metallic copper. Embroidery in three shades of blue, rust orange, golden olive yellow, and silvery off-white/gray (plus a row of moss green in 123). The quote by Lord Byron is in the bell box of each, and each has 23 brass rings. 123: circumference: 10.5 inches / 27 cm; diameter: 3.34 inches / 8.59 cm; completed 14 May 2012; 124: circumference: 10.875 inches / 27.8 cm; diameter: 3.46 inches / 8.84 cm; completed 16 May 2012.

No. 124 has been sold on Etsy to benefit


124 (left) and 123 (right)


123 (left) and 124 (right)

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