Thursday, December 15, 2011

twelfth month (2)

snow is upon snow . . .
can tonight be the twelfth month's
full and whitest moon?
— Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694)

The rose garden design, in pentagon form — like no. 71. A winter version (a rosy winter). "Free-stitching" embroidery in two shades around the center.

Thread wrap in medium gray; S10 division in medium silver gray #8 perle; embroidery in black, two shades of lavender, rose, and four shades of gray (the lightest of which is pearl gray). The haiku above by Bashō is in the bell box along with 12 brass rings. Circumference: 10.75 inches / 27 cm; diameter: 3.42 inches / 8.6 cm. Completed 6 December 2011 (no. 075).

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