Friday, February 17, 2012

anything can be

Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.
— Shel Silverstein (1930–1999)

I've seen a couple photos of temari made in Japan that feature kiku herringbone flowers, but with extremely narrow (tight) kiku points. Usually the inner kiku points are triangular and tapered but these were like long lines, with the petals bursting out at the bottom. I have no idea how this technique is achieved; and before I start asking around, I thought I'd try some ideas. This is my first attempt. While it did not produce the intended effect, I like the very narrow points a great deal. The resulting shapes remind me of sand dollars.

Thread wrap in deep midnight blue; S10 division in metallic copper; embroidery in very pale pastel blue, very pale pastel green, and a darker pastel blue. The quote above by Shel Silverstein* is in the bell box along with 13 brass rings. Circumference: 10.375 inches / 26.5 cm; diameter: 3.3 inches / 8.43 cm. Completed 16 February 2012 (no. 103).

Anything Can Happen 
Listen to the Mustn'ts, child, 
Listen to the Don'ts 
Listen to the Shouldn'ts 
The Impossibles, the Won'ts 
Listen to the Never Haves, 
Then listen close to me— 
Anything can happen, child, 
Anything can be. 

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