Wednesday, February 8, 2012

grandmother star - or, how big is a temari?

Temari range in size from very small (marble sized?) to very large (very, very large). I'm taking the "Grandmother Star" class from Barb Suess. It's from her that I took my first class for my first temari in her "Morning Glory" pattern.

This is the largest temari I have made to date. Most of mine average 25 to 29 centimeters in circumference. In the photos, the purple temari is no. 93, and is 27 cm / 10.625 inches in circumference, which is 8.59 cm / 3.38 inches in diameter.

The tennis ball is 21 cm / 8.25 inches circumference (6.68 cm / 2.62 inches diameter).

And, the large prepped off-white mari is going to be the Grandmother Star. It has 6 cups of rice hulls inside (I usually use a little more than one cup) — and its circumference is 41 cm / 16.125 inches (13 cm / 5.13 inches in diameter).

Stay tuned! This is temari no. 100 (I number them when I start, and don't always finish in order — though I have yet not to finish one).

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