Sunday, October 9, 2011

drinking morning tea (chrysanthemum)

drinking morning tea
the monk is peaceful
the chrysanthemum blooms
— Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694)

The chrysanthemum is possibly the quintessential traditional Japanese design. Sixteen petals, traditionally white with an inner color at the kiku points (kiku means chrysanthemum, as well as a term for the type of herringbone stitch used at the inner points of the petals). This is my first true chrysanthemum temari. ("A Good Poem" is chrysanthemum-style, but obviously a variant.)

Thread wrap in medium brown; S16 division with metallic copper; embroidery in light tea green, medium tea green, light brown and cream. The haiku above by Matsuo Bashō is in the bell box along with 16 brass rings (for the 16 petals). Circumference: 11 inches / 28 cm; diameter: 3.5 inches / 9 cm. Completed 08 October 2011 (no. 039).

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