Sunday, October 2, 2011


katydid —
caught by someone
waiting for the stars
– Issa (1768–1827)

This is a second version of no. 33, with a few changes. Creating it was easier this time around, having practiced on the first one. Rather than marking it as an S12, I just marked an S6, and added the graphite "division" lines after the bands, before the obi, placed by eye.

Black thread wrap with embroidery in dusky lavender, pale yellow, light olive green, & edging in graphite gray; a wide black obi (18ish rows) with "x"s over it at the bands. The haiku by Issa is in the bell box along with 9 brass rings. Circumference: 10 inches / 25 cm; diameter: 3.18 inches / 8 cm. Completed 1 October 2011 (no. 035).

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