Wednesday, October 12, 2011

prepped mari

A bowl of six prepped mari — ready for stitching. For each I have a design in mind; and each already has a bell box inside with a quote or haiku. The next step is to map the division lines, which is done with just a paper strip and some pins (though I often use a fabric tape measure for more complicated divisions). Then the division lines are wrapped and tacked in metallic thread (or sometimes cotton perle, or sometimes regular thread that is removed once the pattern is stitched). I'll post about the process soon in the next installment of "anatomy of a temari."

The mari at top right is an experiment; the haiku inside starts "snow is upon snow," and I wanted to find a way to evoke the look of new-fallen snow. I wrapped the mari first with gray thread, and once that was complete, added some wraps of ecru thread — enough to stand out, but not so much that plenty of gray doesn't show through.

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